Speech recognition for maritime radio communication

More safety for ship navigation

Simplify VHF radio monitoring and fasten response times by using artificial intelligence.

Spoken. Received. Transcribed.

The mandatory VHF radio is safety-critical equipment on board a vessel. The very robust technology has proven itself over decades. 

marFM is an extension to this standard equipment. It supports VHF operators in daily operations and minimizes communication troubles.


Textual call representation

marFM automatically converts incoming radio messages into text. It’s like having subtitles for VHF radio.

Replay audio of
radio call

You can replay the audio of any incoming call, not just the last one.

Call history documentation

Simply scroll through the latest calls to check if you missed any. In case of incidents, use the call documentation as evidence.

Sender identification & localization

In combination with direction finding, marFM knows which vessel is most likely to be the call sender, including its position.

Added values for your operations

Increased safety

The transcription of incoming calls makes it easier for VHF operators to receive safety-critical information. The automated call log saves valueable time on documentation. This increases emergency response times.

Situational awareness

There is less information loss due to the automatic documentation. Scrolling through the call log makes it quick and easy to assess the current and previous situation.

Reduced workload

Operators can look up the recent call history and replay any received call. This not only facilitates the monitoring task and avoids misunderstandings, but also accelerates handover times between employees.

Remote Monitoring

The speech recognition and sender detection algorithms enbale systematic data on the ship-related situation picture. This creates an optimal basis for remote operations.

About Us

We are a team of research associates at the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services (CML) based in Hamburg.

Our interdisciplinary team combines competencies from the fields of nautical science, artificial intelligence, data integration and project management. Due to our many years of research in the field of maritime logistics, we have a large network of nautical stakeholders at our disposal.

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